I am a watercolor artist, living in Bucharest. The lights and shadows laying on the streets always inspire me to paint, making me utterly captivated by the city life.

Watercolor knows me better than anyone else, watercolor is not only my friend but also a very tough and honest critic. When painting, I’m being my true self, continuously looking for improvement. Maintaining this by painting every day is something that I’m taking very seriously.

My special attention goes to mind-hands-soul relationship which keeps everything in balance. Mind sees what it wants to see, hands paint what they are asked to paint and soul gives flavour to all that.

Through my paintings, I’m trying to tell you a story, to depict an emotion, a feeling, something about being oneself. I’d like to show you what I see when I’m walking down the streets, this poetry that life is, silhouettes moving around, people, someone, anyone. That is what all my paintings are about.

I didn’t choose to be an artist, it’s just something inside me that I can’t and won’t escape from.

Solo exhibition:

2020 Alexandra’s Gallery, Bucharest

2019 National Bank of Romania, Bucharest

2019 2ART City Hall Sector 2, Bucharest

2018 Hub A Gallery, Bucharest

2018 Art C14 Gallery, Bistrita

Group exhibition:

2019 – Women Power in Art – Cantacuzino Palace, Busteni

2021 – Crossroads Gallery, Bucharest

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